The old “My mind is breaking” problem

I’ve struggled with depression for years, but there have only been a few times when I felt as though my mind was breaking in two.

These moments tend to happen during and immediately following serious trauma.

A friend recently told me a saying she used to repeat to herself during her very worst days:

“I’m not thinking clearly right now. I’m not going to fix this today. Maybe I’ll think more clearly tomorrow. I don’t have to fix this right now.”

I don’t know how I remembered, but I tried it during an acute episode recently and found that it removed a huge amount of anxiety. It lessened my perceived need to act, to fix. My panic receded.

And it’s true. You can’t think clearly when you’re panicking.

What works for some won’t work for others. What worked for you once might not work again, but I really love this saying. I feel like it acknowledges your struggle while letting you off the hook.

It helped me to stop thinking so much, which helped me to stop feeling so intensely.