This blog is based on the premise that people with serious depression can feel better.

I’ve found blogs about depression to be full of either a) medical advice so general as to be useless, or b) super depressing first hand accounts of how bad depression is.

This blog is about trying to get better.

About me: I was a high functioning, undiagnosed depressed adult for more than a decade, and started this blog a few months after my diagnosis. This is not a “looking back” blog by a person who has tackled her demons. I am categorically still in the fucking muck of it. I left a successful career and have been unemployed for more than a year, unable to even look for work in my field.

While I’m pretty new to treatment, I’m told (and I believe) that I’ve been struggling with depression since grade school. I don’t have a lot of experience in getting better, but I do have a lot of experience in not getting better – in managing my symptoms, finding workarounds, and believing that I can and should do this on my own.

This site is about the process of going from one to the other. This is a site about getting better.


  1. That’s me all day everyday. I always had a good job even though I didn’t go to college, because my mother was a hard working woman who worked and and went to school all my life. She taught me to be strong and fight those demons because life’s a bitch! But at some point she realized it was much deeper than she thought and I really needed help! My depression goes all the way back to when I was twelve years old, and would cry all day everyday (even at work) and I had to stop working a few years ago because I was suffering all my life and I just couldn’t suffer anymore. Even with therapy and medication I still can’t work.. But I try to keep a smile on my face for my teenage daughter, and honestly, I think it’s because of her I wouldn’t have made it this far! Sometimes I feel like the whole world is moving withou me and I’m just standing still. I always thought I’d be successful, depression or not, but it proved to be stronger than me. So thanks for letting me vent because until I see stuff like this, I always feel like a failure in life and that I should have more to offer my daughter, but than I realize I am not alone.

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