One Year On

This is what recovery looks likeToday marks the one year anniversary of the registration of this blog. A few days ago marked the anniversary of my diagnosis of major recurrent depression. It took me months to start actually writing the blog, and about a year to come to terms with the diagnosis – something that now, like so many things, seems inevitable.

One year on I’m well on my way to recovery. I still struggle with daily tasks, but my mind is quieter and I smile more. I cry less and spend more time with friends. I have yet to go dancing. I’ve started, but failed to finish, about a dozen books on depression and have “come out” to about two dozen people. I am less desperate. I am less scared.

It’s been almost two months since I last wrote in this blog, in part because my recovery has me wanting to think about things besides depression. In part it’s because I imagine a deeply depressed reader and feel helpless to help her.

But I want to write.

Recovery comes in fits and starts and so will this blog. But I’m hoping to soon start a series of posts on mindfulness and depression. I hope you’ll join me.

With Profound Thanks,


Photo by Portland Prevention on Flickr.


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