Hey Guys,

On Saturday we surpassed 1,000 views of this blog. Can you believe it? We’ve had ten times the number of visitors in April (495) than we had in March (44), and it’s only the 22nd!

Most of the learning shared in this blog comes from conversations with family and friends about depression and joy and struggle. Conversations I rarely had before I was diagnosed.  Conversations that would have been so helpful years ago.

Mmmm. Conversation.

Mmmm. Conversation.

I’d like to celebrate this milestone by sparking a conversation. Or two.

Have a friend who needs a break? Recommend one of the books from “Books to Chill To.”

Know someone who’s suffering more than they let on? Send them the “Asking for Help” series and offer to set up a calendar. Or send them the “Reactions To Depression” post and tell them that you won’t always get it right, but that you want to listen.

Share your favorite post on facebook or twitter. Announce yourself as an ally to those who struggle with mental illness, or re-read the posts on treatment and make that call.

Whether you’re someone who’s feeling low or someone who loves one – basically if you’re a person – I thank you so much for your interest. Please email me at depressionwhoneedsit@gmail.com with comments, feedback, and suggestions. Tell me about a conversation sparked and make my month.

Defender of the Sentence Fragment, Believer in the Oxford Comma, and Friend to the Feeling-Low,



Photo by Ulisted Sightings on Flickr

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