A Note on “You”

You Looking at Me?

You Looking at Me?

When I use the second person in this blog I usually mean it in the most general terms, as in, “We act like you need to earn your rest before you enjoy it.”

But as a depressed person, I’m sensitive to the frustration of being told how I feel, or being included in generalizations that don’t apply to me. So I’ve often been replacing the second person (you) with the first (I), but it’s cramping my style.

Throughout the rest of this blog, please assume that I mean the general “you.” I will specify when I am referring to the reader.

I take the reader’s struggles very seriously, and I don’t want to be prescriptive. For any given reader, half the stuff in this blog will be liverwurst. I mean my blog to be treated like a menu. Take what you like, enjoy it as much as you like, and disregard the rest.

Thanks! As always, click through to leave a comment or email me at depressionwhoneedsit at gmail dot com.

Photo by jurvetson on Flickr

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