I’ve come to believe that if you can find a way to let it rest, your mind will find a way to heal.

In all the things we’re told to do to “make ourselves” feel better, it’s rare that anyone tells us to rest. I originally forgot it on my own “Treatment Menu” a few days ago.

Sometimes all it takes is remembering to carve out time. Sometimes it’s not that easy at all – often because we think we first have to go around earning it. Earning shit ain’t easy, and as someone who struggles with feeling that she’s fallen desperately behind her hopes and plans, I need more shit to earn like I need a hole in my head. So I try (also not always easy) to think of it another way.

Rest is not something you earn. It’s something your mind and body require, like a plain old glass of water. It’s a form of nourishment that every person deserves, every day.

I’ve started to think of almost everything that helps as a form of rest. Therapy is work, everything else is a chance to rest – a chance to get out of the way and let my mind do the healing it desperately wants to do.
Birds do it...
Tomorrow I’ll post a menu of rest.

Right now I’m gonna go chill out for a while. J


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